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Soul Growers

About us & Sustainability

Our Story

Soul Growers stands for everything that is great about the Barossa: shared wisdom, new ideas, mateship and a passion for making and enjoying great wine. It was born out of a friendship of three dedicated souls who saw the opportunity to join forces and chase their dream of creating wines and a brand that reflected their view of the Barossa. Paul, Tom and Stu had worked together previously in a corporate world but were convinced that their future would one day be an uncomplicated, hand made and lovingly nurtured winemaking enterprise, that revolved around the very core of the Barossa Valley – the growers - who toil each day to produce beautiful fruit, just waiting to be made into wine. We see the grape growers of the Barossa Valley as being the very soul of the region, hence our brand. Our goal is to let the vineyards we work with show through in our wines. Where nature provides, we only guide. With this in mind we strive to make sure Soul Growers wines emphasise the regional and varietal flavours of our beloved Barossa Valley. The essence of what we strive for is to ensure a lifestyle that is good for the Soul: wine, food, family, music, mates and fun.

Our Logo

Soul Growers name comes from the soul of the Barossa Valley – the history of the vineyards, family growers, the handing down of knowledge from the generations and establishing a winemaking style for generations to come.

Our logo encapsulates these principles with the older generation working with the younger generation over a historic bush vine.

Sustainable Winemaking

At Soul Gowers, sustainability is at the forefront of our winemaking today and tomorrow- and we have begun the journey to become certified by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.    From vineyard techniques, where chemical inputs are reduced or eliminated, from cover cropping techniques to add valuable soil nutrients, carbon and soil structure, whilst reducing weeds. From irrigation techniques that work in tandem with natural rain events coupled to under vine mulching techniques that retain moisture- all the while reducing soil temperatures- these are but a few examples of everyday methodology we are adopting as we strive for sustainability.  All grape growers who supply Soul Growers are undertaking training in sustainability measures, with families such as the ‘Gobell’s’, ‘Dahlitz’s’, ‘Hoffmann’s’ and ‘Hampel’s’ leading the charge.

Within in the winery complex, grape residues are recycled through distillation for the biofuel industry, tartaric acid recycling for the food industry and grape seed and skin products for the health and cosmetic industries. The grape bunch stalks are mulched and recycled on the vineyard as natural compost, whilst waste water generated is recycled and then irrigated to a native plantation woodlot and surrounding vineyard.  Rooftop rainwater is harvested for use throughout the year, whilst our internal lighting energy consumption has been reduced by 30% by simply changing all our winery lighting to LED’s. Smarter use of day and night temperature variation has been applied to effective winery ventilation.  Wine industry suppliers are also embracing sustainability, each with comprehensive programs in place from the printing of wine bottle labels, to the use of 100% recyclable glass. Winery roof top solar energy generation now services over 90% of our electrical needs via solar panels.

Whilst we make individual efforts to achieve sustainability, our region, too, pursues these goals with similar vigour.  More about Barossa Australia’s sustainability initiatives can be found here (featuring three Soul Growers supplying viticulturists – Evan Gobell, Dan Falkenberg and Sam Dahlitz)

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At Soul Growers, the pursuit of excellence in grape growing and wine making must be quality focused, people focused and most importantly- sustainable.